Drive change

At TAPP Water, we believe in innovation as a driver capable
of changing our daily consumption habits and so protecting
current and future generations.


Sustainable consumption

Single-use plastic bottles and bottled water production are damaging our ecosystems, endangering marine life and polluting the food chain.
Our mission is to create easy-to-use, sustainable and affordable products that eliminate the need for bottled water.


A real change

TAPP Water Products that deliver clean tasty tap water that is affordable and sustainable.

Pure water, anytime.

TAPP 1 Ultrafiltration water filter



Product description


5-stage Filter technology:
Ultrafiltration - PP - Granular Activated Carbon -
Silver Impregnated - Strainer Mesh

Filtration rate: 2 L/minute.

Cartridges last up to 6 months (2400 liter)

Ideal for places with possible bacteria. Filters 100+ contaminants including bacteria, viruses, microplastics, heavy metals, nitrates and more


Easy installation: attaches to standard taps in just a few seconds.

Guaranteed compatibility with all round screw taps with a diameter between 16 and 24 mm. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and send a photo of your tap. We can supply extra adaptors for free 😉

12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm; 363 g


Affordable: Filtered tap water is hundreds of times cheaper than bottled water. Many of our customers save up to $300 /year.

Sustainable: The most sustainable water filter in the world reducing CO2, plastic and waster waste.

Convenient: Puts an end to having to carry heavy water bottles from the supermarket home, allowing you to get fresh water straight from your tap.

Connected: With the free Android/iOS TAPP Water app you can monitor the remaining lifetime of your filter cartridge and know when it is time to change it.

When do I need to change cartridges?

Ultrafiltration Refill cartridges

$30 (1 unit)

Only compatible
with TAPP 1 filter

Our customers are always right

Lisa Rice Duek
Verified Purchase
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Well done for a great product!
"We used a RO filter for 2yrs and I wanted something easier. Purchased TAPP 1 UF + 1 extra cartridge filters yesterday, and it arrived today! Excellent service, and really easy to install. Love the concept and the customer service, the registration and how I can see how many bottles I've saved. Well done for a great product! oh, it tastes good even in tea."

Ji Hyun Kim
Verified Purchase
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Didn't think it was possible!
"We have been buying bottled water for years because of eColi bacteria risk. With TAPP 1 UF I can drink the tap water directly from the tap without worries. Saving money and sooooo many bottles."

Verified Purchase
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Great Product & helpful staff
"Great product. I have ordered this and realized that I did not fit my tap. After contacting the company, they have immediately sent the required adapter and filter got fitted. Filter is good because results are visible. Thank you!"

Verified Purchase
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Good for filtering out water
"Perfect for filtering out water"

Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase
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Excellent product for the price; superb customer service!!
"I bought this because it says it fits most faucets and it was a reasonable price. Also glad that you can simply order replacement filters. I found it easy to install (comes with adaptors in case you need them). Later, I emailed customer service asking how to change the filter and Isabel IMMEDIATELY sent me a video showing how to do it which is super easy. "


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