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Delicious water
all year round

Unlimited supply of water that's good for you and the planet.


bottles avoided

Our TAPPHeroes have already said goodbye to plastic bottles.


plastic avoided

With TAPP Water, you prevent so much plastic from entering our oceans.


CO2 avoided

Replacing plastic bottles for TAPP Water reduces the carbon footprint.

The solution

Install it yourself in less than a minute




Ultra-advanced filtration technology

Our filters use 5-stage Ultra-Advanced Microfiltration technology to remove more than 100 substances from tap water. Their effectiveness is tested and certified each year by accredited laboratories to ensure their high quality and performance.

BPA free

Made with coconut shells

Filter microplastics

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Avoided plastic bottles thanks to our TAPPHeroes

  • Excellent product

    Although I bought this system from the manufacturers, I live in Spain, not Amazon, I can wholeheartedly recommend this product. It has completely solved my limescale problem in drinking water. I rarely have to clean my hot water machine or my coffee pod machine. I used to descale every two weeks.

    Mr. William A. Heskey

    Verified Purchase

  • Does what it promises

    Excellent product that does exactly what it promises... I recommend


    Verified Purchase

  • Good for filtering out water

    Perfect for filtering out water


    Verified Purchase

  • Good water faucet

    This is built in Spain with a good customer service and a mission statement to help reduce plastic in the world. Would recommend

    kyle leung

    Verified Purchase

  • Turn knob is easy to work with and sturdy (unlike the Brita one)

    This came to replace leaking Brita filter and did immediately fit, no complications. Turn knob is easy to work with and sturdy (unlike the Brita one). Water quality is good, hopefully does the job exactly as it says on tin (since I have no lab at home to prove or confirm what the manufacturer says). But seems like a great product


    Verified Purchase

  • Tapp Water refill filter is most useful.

    Is quite easy to fix and gives clean -filtered water comparable to any other.. This is a great solution to reducing plastic

    Amazon Customer

    Verified Purchase

  • Clever and robust

    This is a very clever, well-made device and definitely worth the money. The water certainly tastes better coming through the filter here in hard water Warwickshire and the bypass switch is most useful. You won't regret purchasing this.

    Dan Herd

    Verified Purchase

Prensa, colaboradores y certificados

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Got any questions? We'll answer them!

Our filters are able to filter the tap water in 99.5% of Spain where the mains water has passed the local authorities’ potability tests. In the case of wells or private water tanks TAPP Water cannot guarantee water portability.

Our activated carbon filtering technology removes over 100 water contaminants, among them chlorine (the main cause of tap water’s unpleasant taste), microplastics, lead, nitrates and nitrites (only measurable using special lab equipment).

Click here to see the independent laboratory test results.

Yes, our filters remove unpleasant tastes and smells, as well as chlorine, microplastics and over 100 other water contaminants. What’s more, it preserves essential minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Read what our customers have to say about the taste of water filtered by TAPP Water!

Yes, really easy. Installing the filter takes less than a minute — simply screw it onto the tap nozzle. Installation is explained in detail in the section “How do I install it?” on our product pages.
According to hundreds of studies worldwide, tap water that meets the potability standards set by the World Health Organization (USA and European Union) is just as healthy as bottled water. Furthermore, tap water costs less than 0.16 cents per litre according to Spanish consumer organisation OCU. That contrasts with bottled water, which costs 20 cents per litre or more, making it 200 times expensive (or even more, depending on the brand). Unlike bottled water, taps offer a limitless water supply that’s always available when you need it. And there’s no need to go out and buy it, carry home the heavy bottles and later dispose of the plastic waste. In blind taste tests, 9 out of 10 people could not taste the difference between filtered water and bottled water. And with regard to the environment, plastic waste is destroying our oceans and ecosystem. Less than 10% of the plastic produced worldwide is recycled, the rest ends up dumped in landfill or the natural environment. For these 5 reasons, we invite you to stop drinking bottled water and start drinking filtered tap water with TAPP Water.

Never run out of water at home with EcoPro filters


ultra-advanced microfiltration

Year-round water

Refill lasts 3 months · Filters out limescale · Email reminders

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    45-day money-back guarantee

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Free shipping and returns

Receipt in 1-3 natural days


Filter systems



Filter for faucet. filter the
lime and +100 contaminants



Filter jug. Filter +80


Filtering system

Max 400L/Month

100/L week

Max 150L/Month

37,5 L/week



2nd year €54


2nd year €44

Recommended household members

3 to 6 people

1 person

Monthly paid subscription

Annual paid subscription

one-time purchase

(option without subscription)

Eliminate bad taste

Filter the lime

Filter microplastics

Filter heavy metals

Quantity of filtered substances




Plastic-free refills

CO2 neutral shipments