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How TAPP Water filters work?

The challenge

Many countries and cities face issues with tap water:

  • Bad taste due to e.g. chlorination, metals and pipes
  • Possible contaminants such as lead, nitrates, pharmaceutical.
  • Concerns about the health impact of microplastics found in most bottled and tap water.

The most common solution is buying bottled water but this is heavy to carry, 100 times more expensive than tap, bad for the environment and not necessarily cleaner or healthier

How faucet water filters work
TAPP 2 faucet water filter

What if there was a better solution?

Now there is.

We spent the past 6 years on research & development of water filters for places where people claim to have “the worst tap water”.

Our goals with TAPP Water filters are to:

  • Make the tap water taste good.
  • Remove/reduce known tap water contaminants.
  • Provide easy, convenient and affordable clean tap water.
The result:
TAPP 2 faucet water filter is the worlds first truly simple, affordable, sustainable and high quality water filter for everyone. 

How does the water filter work?

TAPP 2 filters the water through the highest quality activated carbon block with 1-2 micron filtration. The water flows through the filter with high pressure and out comes clean better tasting water. The carbon block is made of organic coconut shell.

The filters are highly efficient in removing/filtering:

  • Taste and odor 
  • Chlorine and it’s by-products 
  • Heavy metals incl lead
  • Nitrates, pharmaceuticals, 

See what TAPP filters & Independent Lab Tests for a complete list and certifications by the world’s top water labs.

The filters last about 3 months and are easily replaced.


Primer y único filtro biodegradable para el grifo

Además del bloque de carbón activado, el filtro TAPP 2 se compone de un cartucho elaborado con caña de azúcar, maíz y hoja de remolacha. Todos elementos naturales y respetuosos con el medio ambiente para poder ofrecerte el primer y único filtro biodegradable para el grifo del mundo. Porque estamos comprometidos con el planeta, hemos diseñado una alternativa al consumo de agua embotellada 100% sostenible que, además, es práctica y funcional para hacerte la vida más fácil.

How does TAPP compare to other water filters?

We designed TAPP Water from the bottom up to be easy to use, affordable and convenient. Other major advantages include: 

  • Advanced filtering technology removing more contaminants (independently tested)
  • Sustainable cartridges
  • Higher flow rate
  • MyTAPP Web and APP monitoring usage and savings
Before TAPP Water existing water filters were typically expensive, complex to install, ugly, difficult to use and low quality. 

What's the difference between Click and Twist?

TAPP 2 Click is the smart version with a bluetooth button that provides simple updates/reminders of filter status, usage and money saved.

TAPP 2 Twist has a manual dial on the top where you can set the date when the filter needs to be replaced.

Both filters work with MyTAPP web, e-mail reminders and the app.

comparison table

Does the filter fit my faucet

Yes, it fits all stander faucets out of the box and an additional 5% with our extra adapters. Adapters are provided free of charge.

Watch the installation video.

Play Video

How often do I change the cartridges?

TAPP 2 filters are tested to effectively absorb chemicals for 3 months of average household usage (about 1000-1200 liters). The filers must be replaced every 3 months as they may not be microbiologically safe after this. Sign up for MyTAPP and you receive automatic reminders when it’s time.

When replacing the filter the carbon block can easily be separated from the plastic casing so that they can be recycled. For full instructions see the FAQ.

Be a #TAPPHero
with your sustainable faucet water filter

Be a #TAPPHero
with your sustainable water filter

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