How does it work?

This is our loyalty plan for customers with a subscription:

1. Subscribe to the Annual Pack:


Buy the Annual Pack with a subscription and get 1 filter and 4 cartridges in your first delivery. Enjoy pure water at home for 12 months.

2. Renew your subscription:


If you are still satisfied at the end of 12 months, we will renew your subscription offering 1 month of water free of charge: instead of paying €59, you will only pay €54.10!

3. Make savings every year:


And what’s best of all? The renewal price will be €1 less every year! The longer you stay, the lower the price.

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Have you been with us for a while?


I don't have a subscription.
I need more cartridges.

If you have started with a Starter Pack and decide to subscribe to the Annual Pack, you will pay €59  for your four cartridges for one year of filtered water, and on your next renewal, we will automatically give you a €1  discount for every year that you continue with us.


I have an active subscription

If you already have an annual subscription with us, you don’t need to request your discounts. They will be automatically applied on your future renewals! You can consult the details in your MYTAPP account.