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Select between TAPP 2 Click annual subscription or TAPP 2 Click water filter.

TAPP 2 Twist

Twist Calendar Reminder

TAPP 2 Twist uses a manual calendar to track filter cartridge health and remind you when to replace it. Just twist to set it to 3 months from first day of use (and anytime you replace the refill cartridge). You can also register the filter in the app, which will record the date of use in your MyTAPP app and website.



TAPP 2 Click + 4 Cartridges

TAPP 2 Click + 1 Cartridges

Filtered water for 12 months. Cancel Anytime.

Filtered water for 3 months.

Transform your tap water into Clean, Great-Tasting,
and Plastic-Free Drinking Water.

Now available in the US

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